Frequently Asked Questions

Always also feel free to email us if you have more questions! [email protected]

  • Who are these classes for?

    These classes are for any students that want to review or learn new characters and get 1000 Hanzi Chinese characters down solid through interacting with other kids, playing flashcard games, and doing speed reading.

  • Do we have to go in order?

    Absolutely not! Please review the lists on each class and if you already know those characters, please move on to the next class.

  • Can I take all five sessions concurrently?

    Absolutely. We don't see a reason why not! Memorizing characters is just that and doesn't have to go in any particular order. Ambitious students may take five sessions all in one semester. Will it be crazy? Yes! However, students in our Summer programs have proven that you can do all 1000 in a span of 14 weeks.

  • How are these different from your Summer Sessions?

    Due to the nature of one time a week class, you have the full week to learn and review 20 or so characters instead of memorizing 20 in a day. This is for students who wanted to go at a fast pace but also have more time to concentrate on learning to write those characters through our accompanied workbook. This is also more feasible for students with wanted to dedicate time to other classes.

  • I already take your Everyday Chinese classes. Do I still need this?

    Our Everyday Chinese classes are very intensive on writing and also learning to write about 15 characters a week coupled with reading, idioms study, etc. However, there are students who want to review and add another level of speed reading characters without Zhuyin and this would benefit them with just class a week. These students may skip the writing portion for Hanzi workbooks since they already have Everyday Chinese and instead use these battle classes to refresh and get faster on reading without Zhuyin.

  • Typically what age groups attend these lessons?

    We have had students as young as 5 all the way to 13 years of age in these classes. Due to the quick recognition method, we feel that it works across ages. Parents are welcome to learn with the child.

  • What is the level of comprehension required to understand in these classes?

    Most of our students either already attend a Chinese immersion school, interact with a Chinese nanny, have someone who speaks Chinese to them on a consistent basis (like a tutor), or speak Chinese at home. We go over the characters, how it's used, idioms involved, and the different pronunciations that could be involved with the characters in class.

  • My child knows some basic Chinese. Can they attend?

    It depends on what you mean by basic. If they are willing to learn and come for straight memorization, they're welcome to come. Note that our classes are 100% in Chinese with the instructors knowing almost no English. You'll be in a true immersive environment.

  • Can siblings attend?

    Yes, please register under different emails for siblings to attend the same session.


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