Course Curriculum 課程介紹

Welcome to the 每天ㄅㄆㄇ Everyday Zhuyin Class! 歡迎來到每天ㄅㄆㄇ網課首頁!

In this course 課程: 

  • 8 Weeks Classes 共 8 週 (9/13-11/5)
  • Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays (4 times a week - 每週4天)
  • Recordings provided when there are schedule conflicts. (不能參加的每日都會有課堂錄影)
  • Complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學, 提升孩子對學中文的興趣。
  • Learn zhuyin using traditional textbooks coupled with fun and games. 利用台灣教搭配遊戲來讓孩子愛上學注音.
  • Learn idioms and read stories on a weekly basis. 課堂會包含成語教學跟閲讀理解課程。
  • Be able to blend and spell in zhuyin as well as read short paragraphs in zhuyin. 課程完成後小朋友們就可以自己拼音和獨立閲讀注音短篇。

Chinese/Age Requirement: 

Age range: 4-6. All ages welcome but material is more fit for first grade or under. 

Length: 50-55 minutes each


Zoom - links will be on this class site after registration.

Supplies 應需用品 (自行選購):

  • Docucam (Optional)- or a camera that can point to your child's work as they write during class. We recommend the one with the link provided unless if you already know how to hook up your phone to share with second camera from a stand. Document Camera Link
  • Other Supplies: pencil and paper, printer to print materials, and maybe markers for drawing.

Sorry we are FULL

Special pricing: Orig $15/Class, $480 for 32 Classes/8 Weeks