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Let's Talk Real Science!

In this course 課程: 

  • 4 Weeks Classes 共 4 週
  • Mondays, Wednesdays (2 times a week - 每週2天)
  • Time:
    • 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST
  • Recordings provided when there are schedule conflicts. (不能/想參加的每日都會有課堂錄影)
  • Get complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學, 提升孩子對學中文的興趣。
  • Learn about our body, chemistry, physics, the environment, animals, and much more! 科學内容無限制!人體, 地理, 宇宙, 昆蟲, 動物, 化學, 物理, 都有可能!
  • May incorporate a small experiment a week.  每個禮拜會有科學小實驗去回答很多小朋友常有一些問題! 
  • Learn scientific terms in Chinese. 熟悉中文科學專有名詞. 
  • Have fun and learn Chinese! 快快樂樂的學中文!
  • NOTE: Course will NOT repeat topics from our previous Science Why Classes or any of our other classes! These will be all NEW topics covered. 内容不會跟之前的 “科學為什麽” 課或其他科學課有重複。 教材内容全新!

Learn a broader based science course through fun discussion, comics, stories, games, and much more!

Chinese/Age Requirement: 

Age range: 5+. All levels welcome. We are setup for mixed age so that younger kids can learn by listening and older kids can dive deeper into the topics.

適合5-12歲的孩子。 我們是依照台灣教材程度來安排課程而不是依照年齡。 教材方面會偏於混齡。對於大一點孩子不會覺得無趣,而對於年齡小一點的孩子也會有大大的吸收空間。

Length: 50-55 minutes each


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Supplies 應需用品 (自行選購):

Refunds: no refunds after class starts

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