NOTE: This is one part in the five part series of the Hanzi 1000 system. Please review the course site to see which characters will be taught in that session.

In this course 課程

  • Complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學提升孩子對學中文的興趣。
  • Learn 1000 characters over 5 semesters. 
  • We average about learning 20 characters a class with review during the week on your own with accompanying books and writing homework.
  • Students learn word meanings, phrases, and idioms during class to help with retention.
  • Classes end each day with a battle game with other students in class based on how much you retained that day and the speed at which you can remember the characters. 
  • This course will help with speed reading and get your started on your voyage to reading without Pinyin/Zhuyin help. 
  • 利用五個學期學習1000個漢字。
  • 我們平均每堂學20個漢字。
  • 學生在課堂上學習詞義、短語,成語,以幫助記憶。
  • 每堂下課前,課堂上會有一個和其他學生挑戰生字的遊戲。根據你當天學習的漢字數量加閲讀速度來決定勝負。
  • 這門課程將有助於提高閲讀速度,讓你開始讀時減低需要拼音/注音的幫助。

Age/Chinese Requirements: 

  • Not age specific. You’ll need to be able to work Zoom (open link from a website, raise hands, mute, see chat link, etc.). Children in these classes usually range from 5-13. 不限年齡。您需要能夠使用Zoom(從網站打開連結、舉手、靜音、查看聊天連結等)。課程孩子年齡大部分都在 5-13歲之間。
  • Children in this class require fluent conversational skills to follow directions and discussion. 此課程中的孩子需要具備流利的中文口語能力,才能理解指示和參與討論。

Class Size: 

  • Small classes start at 10 with a max of 20. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the size by a handful of students。
  • 小班課程開始於10人,最多不超過20人。我們保留增加或減少幾名學生的權利。


  • Zoom links will be under the lesson date/number on the class menu and you can click through to the zoom link right before class starts. All class videos will be posted here in the site.  
  • 本課都是利用網路 zoom 在進行。 開課之前請到網頁點入 Zoom 連結上課。每堂課都會有錄影,所以沒法當天上課可以隨時參考錄影。影片會保存放網上限時365天,需要延長時間請隨時聯絡我們

Supplies 應需用品 (自行選購):

  • Textbooks – We will be going through this series: Learn 1000 Hanzi Chinese.  Please purchase on Amazon the corresponding books for each session below. We will be uploading character recognition cards to the site for printout each week but we highly encourage purchasing the textbooks for reading and writing practice我們將每週上傳漢字識字卡供您列印.
    • Session 1: Books 1, 2
    • Session 2: Books 3, 4
    • Session 3: Books 5, 6
    • Session 4: Books 7, 8
    • Session 5: Books 9, 10
  • Printer 打印機
  • Paper 
  • Pencil 鉛筆
  • Computer 電腦

Refunds: 72 hours before class starts. 課程開始前72小時。


  • Are there siblings discount? We are not offering any discounts for siblings at this time. 
  • 是否有兄弟姐妹折扣?目前我們不提供兄弟姐妹折扣.
  • Are siblings allowed to sit together? It depends on your family and how your children work together. Some prefer siblings to sit apart with different screens if possible to minimize disturbances to their study and they feel more ownership. However, there are some siblings that like to sit together and it makes them work harder. 
  • 兄弟姐妹是否可以坐在一起?這取決於您的家庭和孩子們的相處方式。有些家庭希望兄弟姐妹坐在不同的銀幕前,如果可能的話盡量分開以減少干擾,他們會感覺更有責任感。但也有一些兄弟姐妹喜歡坐在一起,這樣他們會更加努力。

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Word Lists – Classes may or may not go in this particular order and may cover more than these word lists.