Girls Only Course

This is a girls only course! 

To be considered for this group, please email [email protected] with:

  • Sample reading video with self introduction
  • List of books you're currently reading

What we'll do: 

  • Read books and comics without Zhuyin
  • Learn weekly idioms
  • Lead discussions about the books read
  • We'll be prepping for idioms competitions.
  • Learn lots, laugh lots, and all girls.


  • Read without 注音 in upper elementary levels. Be able to read comics without much help. 
  • Native level speaking skills
  • Ability to write out thoughts and do simple essays
  • Age group: 8-12

Class Dates:

  • Fridays 3PM PST, 12 classes
  • Jan 27 - April 28th 
    • Vacations listed in class site after registration.

Teacher(s): 冰淇淋老師 / Julie 老師

Refunds: No refunds within 72 hours of first class. 

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