Science Why? 科學為什麽?

Welcome to the Why Why Why Class Page! 歡迎來到 “爲什麽” 網課首頁!

Trial Class Video is on course page. 體驗課影片在網課頁~ 

In this course 課程

  • 8 Classes 共有八堂
  • Complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學, 提升孩子對學中文的興趣。
  • Do small science experiments to answer commonly asked questions by kids. 來玩科學小實驗去回答很多小朋友常有一些問題! 
  • Learn scientific terms in Chinese. 熟悉中文科學專有名詞. 
  • Have fun and learn Chinese! 快快樂樂的學中文!

Chinese/Age Requirement: 

Age range: 5+. All levels welcome. If you have smaller children, you may want to be present to help with the science experiments. 適合五歲以上的孩子. 如果小孩太小, 科學實驗部分可能有時會需要大人幫忙.

Length: 1 hour each (每個禮拜一個小時)

LIVE DATES: Thursdays 6:00 PM PST (those that cannot attend can watch video recording)

  • 2/24 
  • 3/3
  • 3/10
  • 3/17
  • 3/24
  • 3/31
  • 4/7
  • 4/14


Zoom links will be posted in this class website on the left panel under the class numbers! There will be recordings of all classes due to schedule differences. Those who cannot make it to live lessons can watch the class anytime! 

Supplies 應需用品 (自行選購):

  • Instructions given weekly in class site prior to each week. 每個禮拜會宣佈下禮拜需要的材料 (大部分都是家裏可以找到的日常用品). 

Weekly Topics (to be changed as needed):

Refunds: Once class started, no refunds will be given.