Welcome to the Optical Illusions 視錯覺 course page!

Course Dates: 

  • Fridays 4PM PST (California Time)
    • 6/9
    • 6/16
    • 6/23
    • skip 6/30
    • 7/7
    • 7/14
    • 7/21
    • 7/28
    • 8/4
    • 8/11
    • 8/18

In this course: 

  • Complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學, 提升孩子對學中文的興趣。
  • Introduction to optical illusion drawings and sketches.  介紹視錯覺繪畫和素描。
  • The class will be focusing on brain training, spatial training, patience training, hand and eye coordination, etc. 課程將集中於大腦訓練、空間訓練、耐心訓練、手眼協調等等。
  • Get lost in the funny stories weekly.  每週迷失在有趣的故事中。
  • Learn idioms, phrases, and instructions in Chinese! 提升閱讀能力, 學成語, 詞語。

Chinese/Age Requirement: 

Age range: 5+. If you'd like to join for stories and fun, please do! Sketching will range in abilities.  Stories fit for all ages. Sketching will range from beginner to intermediate as weeks pass. Families welcome to sketch together through one screen sign on.


Length: ~1 hour 


Zoom links will be on your dashboard the week prior to start. Please do not email us for zoom links because it changes often and will be released week after week on dashboard.


What if I Can't Attend Live? 

Every class will be recorded and ready for viewing by the next day. Many of our friends in other countries do recordings only so we are totally okay with taking the class on video only basis. We do ask that if we ask you to share your child's work, you would still post them in our Facebook Group because ... for no other reason than it will make your child happy to see their work showcased the very next week. 


 Refunds: 72 hours prior to start of class.