Course Information

  • Please refer to class listing title for dates and times of class. For holidays and start dates, please refer to Holidays Section. Note: title description shows start date for the semester. If your class falls on the first time it hits that day of the week after semester starts.
Class Description
  • Complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學, 提升孩子對學中文的興趣。
  • We’ll be utilizing the hottest comics in Asia to spice up the interest for students. 我們將利用亞洲最熱門的閱讀物來激發學生的興趣。
  • We will be learning idioms, phrases, sentence structure, writing short responses, and grammar. 我們將學習成語、詞語、句子結構和語法。
  • Why Use Comics to Learn Chinese? 爲什麽要用漫畫來學中文?
    • Reading comics can make it easy for learners to pick up Chinese, because the content is usually simple and easy to understand, helping to improve learners' language comprehension and reading speed. 閱讀漫畫可以讓學習者輕鬆地學習中文,因為漫畫內容通常簡單易懂,有助於提高學習者的語言理解能力和閱讀速度。
    • Learning characters: Reading comics can help learners better understand the usage and meaning of Chinese characters. Learners can learn new vocabulary and expressions by reading comics, while reinforcing the Chinese characters they have already learned. 學習漢字:閱讀漫畫可以幫助學習者更好地理解漢字的用法和意義。學習者可以通過閱讀漫畫來學習新詞彙和表達方式,同時鞏固已學會的漢字知識。
    • Expanding vocabulary: Comics contain rich and varied content, allowing learners to learn various new vocabulary, expanding their vocabulary and improving their language expression ability.增加詞彙量:漫畫內容豐富多彩,可以學習到各種不同的詞彙,幫助學習者擴展詞彙量,提高語言表達能力。
    • Developing imagination and creativity: Comics require learners to imagine and understand the visual expression and storylines themselves, helping to develop their imagination and creativity. 發展想像力和創造力:漫畫的圖像表現和故事情節需要學習者自己去想像和理解,這有助於發展學習者的想像力和創造力。
    • Improving cultural literacy: Comic works usually contain rich cultural elements, allowing learners to understand Chinese culture, customs and traditions through reading comics. 提高文化素養:漫畫作品中通常包含豐富的文化元素,學習者可以通過閱讀漫畫了解中國文化、風俗和傳統等。
Language Requirements
  • Children in this class require listening and conversational skills to follow directions and listen to stories. 這個課程的孩子需要具備聽力和口說技能,以便能夠跟隨指示和聆聽故事。
  • Students currently in our program who know characters and are willing to learn fast or just want to come and listen to stories are fit for this class. For new students, you should be speaking Chinese at home or have attended a Chinese Immersion program for at least 2-3 years. 如果已經在我們課程中的學生想拿這門課,願意快速學習漢字或只是想來聽故事的學生,都適合參加。新學生應該會在家裡說中文或已經至少參加了 2-3 年的中文浸泡課程。
Age Requirements
  • Not age specific. Please check individual class for age suited topics. You’ll need to be able to work Zoom (open link from a website, raise hands, mute, see chat link, etc.). Children in these classes usually range from 6-13. 不限年齡。您需要能夠使用Zoom(從網站打開連結、舉手、靜音、查看聊天連結等)。課程孩子年齡大部分都在 6-13歲之間。
Video Option
  • Many of our students do video only with amazing results. Some do a mix of video and live online. They can go at their own pace to do the classes and still be able to listen to other students answer questions and see what their peers are thinking and how they are answering. If there’s a sharing day or a presentation day, then video only students are always welcome to come share. At any time you need to go video only, you have the ultimate flexibility to do that since videos are uploaded daily by the end of the day of each class day. You can review and re-watch anytime as well. 
  • 我們有許多學生僅參加視訊課程,並獲得了驚人的成果。有些學生則混合視訊和線上課程進行學習。線上影片可以讓學生按照自己的進度進行課程,仍然能夠聽取其他學生回答問題並看到同儕的想法和回答。如果有分享日或演講日,僅參加只看影片課程的學生也可以參加。任何時候因爲時間,學校或家庭緣故需要轉換成只看影片都可,由於每個課堂日的視頻會在當天結束時上傳,因此您可以擁有最大的彈性。您也可以隨時回顧和重看視頻。
  • Textbooks – we will be uploading weekly review sheets or any necessary printouts for the class. As for the comic books, please wait until the course is done before purchasing to avoid ruining the surprise and fun for the kids! Comics may vary based on the current group’s interest but will be taken from the pool of the most popular comics series in Asia. 
  • 我們將每週上傳複習資料表或課程中必要的列印檔案。至於漫畫書,請等到課程結束後再購買,以避免損壞孩子們的驚喜和樂趣!漫畫可能會根據當前小組的興趣而有所不同,但將來自亞洲最受歡迎的漫畫系列。
  • Printer 打印機
  • Paper 
  • Pencil 鉛筆
  • Computer 電腦
Class Size
  • ~10. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the size by a handful of students due to: class switches, video only options students, students who switch time slots due to our flex option. 
  • ~10人. 由於學生轉班、只參加視訊課程或因彈性選擇而更改上課時間,我們保留增加或減少幾名學生的權利。
  • 72 hours before class starts. 可琛開始前72小時可退款。
  • Are there siblings discount? We are not offering any discounts for siblings at this time. 
  • 是否有兄弟姐妹折扣?目前我們不提供兄弟姐妹折扣.
  • Are siblings allowed to sit together? It depends on your family and how your children work together. Some prefer siblings to sit apart with different screens if possible to minimize disturbances to their study and they feel more ownership. However, there are some siblings that like to sit together and it makes them work harder. 
  • 兄弟姐妹是否可以坐在一起?這取決於您的家庭和孩子們的相處方式。有些家庭希望兄弟姐妹坐在不同的銀幕前,如果可能的話盡量分開以減少干擾,他們會感覺更有責任感。但也有一些兄弟姐妹喜歡坐在一起,這樣他們會更加努力。