In this course 課程: 

  • 8 Classes 共有八堂

  • Complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學, 提升孩子對學中文的興趣。

  • Learn scientific terms in Chinese. 熟悉中文科學專有名詞.

  • Learn idioms and harder phrases easily through fun comics 看漫畫輕鬆學成語、學造句!

  • Ignite the passion to learn Chinese through unconventional materials 跳脫傳統教材,啟發孩子中文的素養能力!

  • Increase creativity and curiosity towards topics by utilizing easy to digest comics運用容易上手的漫畫發揮大大的創意

  • Topics will include everyday life topics, science, nature, physics, etc. 一探生活中的科學小巧思、科學的奧妙

  • Have fun and learn Chinese! 快快樂樂的學中文!

適合對象 Who is This for:

  • Children who want something other than traditional learning materials. 不喜歡傳統中文教材的孩子

  • Children who want to learn about science. 對科學漫畫有興趣的孩子

  • Children who love to read and want to think independently. 愛好閲讀想要學獨立思考的孩子們

  • Children who love to talk and would to increase their Chinese vocabulary in order to up their self expression. 愛說話,想提升閱讀能力的小朋友

  • Children who want to learn more phrases and idioms in Chinese. 想靈活運用詞語、成語能力的孩子, 想學會利用更豐富的詞語表達自己的孩子


Chinese/Age Requirement: 

Age range: 5-12. All levels welcome. We’ll be using fun topics fit for all ages to target the children who are way advanced in English and don’t want to read beginners Chinese books. In addition, we’ll also be targeting children who are advanced in their Chinese but want to learn some science, nature, and physics terms.  適合五-十二歲的孩子. 中文程度好的孩子會學成語, 科學專有名詞, 會幫助他們提升表達能力。中高年級的孩子可以輕鬆讀漫畫來啓發他們對中文的興趣。話題和主題適合小學生。  

Length: 50-55 min


Recordings in dashboard after registration. 

Supplies 應需用品 (自行選購):

  • 紙跟筆。 Paper and pencil most days unless otherwise specified. 

Teacher: Lina/Julie

Refunds:  None after start.