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Come Cook and Learn the 

History and Science 

behind the cute foods we'll be making! 

In this course 課程: 

  • 4 Weeks Classes 共 4 週
  • Mondays, Wednesdays (2 times a week - 每週兩天)
  • Recordings provided when there are schedule conflicts. (不能/想參加的每日都會有課堂錄影)
  • Get complete Mandarin immersion 全程華語教學, 提升孩子對學中文的興趣。
  • Learn simple cooking in Chinese! 容易拿手的簡單烹飪課!
  • Learn a kid friendly simple dish a week! 每個禮拜一道可愛的菜!
  • Learn the science and/or history behind each dish before you make it. 每個禮拜動手前會研究食物的歷史跟科學唷!
  • Learn idioms and read stories about food. 課程會包含跟食物有關的成語教學跟故事。
  • Have so much fun making food and learn Chinese! 邊玩邊吃邊學中文!

Let's have fun learning an important skill and do it ALL IN CHINESE! 

Our GOAL is to have kids be able to make YOU a simple meal by the end of the course and tell you all about it all in Chinese!

Chinese/Age Requirement: 

Age range: 5-12. We go by level and not by age. All ages welcome but material is more fit for elementary students. Students should be able to converse in Chinese, and zhuyin will be helpful for reading words they do not recognize yet. Some dishes may require parental help if your child is too young to hold a butter knife properly or when we need the use of a stove.

適合5-12歲的孩子。 我們是依照台灣教材程度來安排課程而不是依照年齡。 教材方面會偏於混齡。對於大一點孩子不會覺得無趣,而對於年齡小一點的孩子也會有大大的吸收空間。 每星期三有些需要用到小刀跟爐子的菜可能需要家長或家裏的大人在場幫忙唷。

Length: 50-55 minutes each


Zoom - links will be on THIS class side in the side panel labeled Class Zoom Link.

Supplies 應需用品 (自行選購):

  • Other Supplies: will be listed soon!

Refunds: no refunds once class starts.

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