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    Welcome! About the Course

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    Week 1: Expressions

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    Week 2: Butt Family

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    Week 3: Flip Books

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    Week 4: Game Board

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    Class 5: Maze

About the Course

Welcome to the 屁屁偵探 Butt Detective course page!

In this course: 

  • Learn how to use watercolor pencils and draw scenery and characters from the Butt Detective (屁屁偵探) series. 
    • How to mix colors 
    • How to shade using watercolor pencils
  • Read 屁屁偵探系列 Butt Detective stories and books
  • Create your own story and character
    • Learn the format for telling a detective story and utilize the vocabulary to do so
    • For older children create their own detective story and turn it into a written essay
  • Presentation of their own detective stories at the end of the session

Chinese/Age Requirement: 

Age range: 5+. Younger children will focus on drawing an using Chinese to verbally tell a story. Those that write Chinese who are older will be expected to write their own stories in Chinese whether with full characters, zhuyin, pinyin, or typed. 

Length: ~1 hour (+ or - 15 to 30 minutes) 


All class videos will be posted here in the site. If you want to join us live, class Zoom links will be provided in the respective week lessons below. Please enter the zoom sessions through the class websites going forward. 


  • Friday, August 21, 4pm PST
  • Friday, August 28, 4pm PST
  • Friday, September 4, 4pm PST
  • Friday, September 11, 4pm PST
  • Friday, September 18, 4pm PST


  • Watercolor Pencils we recommend: Arteza 72 Color Watercolor Pencils (please have a wide variety of watercolor pencils due to shading and color mixing). These are watercolor pencils and not regular colored pencils. These pencils blend with water. 
  • Black liner pens that don't bleed. We recommend these: Black Paint Pens
  • Watercolor paper: these allow the colors to blend and they're thick enough to not rip through. Good paper will allow your kids to really enjoy watercolors. Watercolor Paper 140lb weight
  • Brushes. You can use regular paint brushes but should include detail brushes, round brushes and one flat brush. We recommend water brushes for easy travel and easy water release: Brush Set for Watercolor