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About this Class

Hello Parents! 

So glad we're going on this journey with your children! Please click into the course to see the paintings we'll be doing. In this four week course we will be:

  1. Learning a theme each week about either nature, science, or good character. 
  2. Reading through stories. Stories will be chosen based on the week's curriculum of words and idioms. 
  3. Painting with acrylics and learning beginner's color theory.
  4. Learning some Chinese characters as well as some idioms. We will be providing printable flashcards of the words learned in class. Though it's suggested to review these items during the week with your children, it's not required. 
  5. Older kids will get extra assignments on some writing (optional). We're not trying to stress your kids out but basically providing an opportunity for them to practice Chinese with a topic they love.
  6. Each class is about 1-1.5 hours

Materials needed:

  1. Your child/ children.
  2. Acrylic Paint: I suggest using Arteza for beginning artists. It's not professional quality but it's not children quality either. Children's quality paints could lead to frustration because sometimes the colors are not opaque enough or it's grainy and doesn't blend well. Here's a link to Arteza's acrylic paints
  3. Acrylic paper: I like using canvas like acrylic paper because it has texture and it's way easier for children to blend colors with the right paper. Here's paper by Arteza that's nicely priced! Please cut each sheet in HALF for class projects. 
  4. Brushes: I recommend a brush set that has a diverse amount of shapes and with bristles that won't "fall out" . We need paint on the canvas, not bristles from the brushes. Here's a pretty cheap set that's good quality for kids: . We will always need a flat brush, a filbert, a thin detail brush, and would be great to have a fan brush! Sponges are awesome too though your kitchen scrubber sponge would work as well. 
  5. Palette paper if you have, or a good cheap way to get a palette is put saran wrap over a white plate. 
  6. 2 cups of water each session. 
  7. Paper towels. 

FREE Items! 

There are three free preview lessons in the class available for you to sample and view with your free account. This is a chance for you to preview the class before registering. 

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